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Invest in tomorrow. Be safe today.

When we started Bottom Line we had a mission to provide the safest and most efficient work sites all over the nation. We’re well on our way to fulfilling that mission.


Honored NRC’s Platinum award for exemplary safety performance we strive to be the best in the business. Our core values of Safety, Quality, Integrity, and Commitment to Service impact our company culture, brand, and business strategies. When we’re faced with tough situations, our values provide us with answers that guide us towards a sound solution.

Bottom Line proudly participates in Everfile, SafetyPlusWeb, and ISNetworld. Our team members are carefully screened and guided through multiple safety programs to ensure proficient knowledge of all railroad regulations and standards. We meticulously document all safety performance through a rigorous job hazard analysis and safety auditing system. Our safety is forever improving and evolving to meet and exceed the railroad standard.

Bottom Line management is pleased to be part of OSHA’s Safe + Sound program. A proactive way to manage hazards in the workplace to prevent injuries and illnesses.

We participate in Everfile: a workforce platform that helps companies reduce employee, vendor, and contractor risk through pre-employment and employment screening services.


We also have a program for DOT FMCA clearinghouse, for all CDL drivers,  as well. This 3-hour course covers a comprehensive look at: 

  •   DOT revised drug and alcohol procedures 

  •   Effects of drug and alcohol use 

  •   Procedures and intervention guidelines for reasonable suspicion 

  •   Circumstances under which an employee is tested 

  •   Consequences of violations 

  •   Reporting FMCSA Clearinghouse violations

We utilize SafetyPlusWeb is a comprehensive, cloud-based safety management software for all office staff and field employees to ensure legislative compliance as well as customer compliance which varies for different railroad companies, industries in addition to Ports and other maritime facilities. 


We strive to be one of the best-rated performers in the railroad industry by consistent safety performance, through on-the-job hazard analysis, supervisor and safety auditing system, and top-quality product output. 


Our safety culture is forever improving and evolving to meet and exceed the railroad standard, our both field and office engage multiple types of training from in-class training courses to on-the-job training and hazard analyses training. 


We actively engage field and office personnel on ways to improve our culture, our safety outlook, our relationships with our customers and employees.


We feel that safety isn't something you should do when someone is watching it should be a code among the proud. 


At Bottom Line Co. we consider working together to better ourselves and the company we represent is our overall goal, we achieve this goal by providing a safe and friendly work environment that is productive for all members, making work fun not a chore.

Our Safety program was created for the workers by the workers. We pride ourselves on being able to grow together by learning from one another. 
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